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We are licensed building practitioners, which means customers can be assured with our compliance to the Building Code of Australia.

We are experts in automation within Process Control, Power Generation, Mining, Energy, Infrastructure, Water, Food and Beverage, and Building Services.

Testing High Voltage assets is the only way to operate high voltage machinery with a certainty on safety and reliability.

We offer a range of testing and commissioning services suited to the high voltage installation.

State of the art equipment is used to undertake:

Power Transformer Testing / Voltage Transformer Testing / Current Transformer Testing
Power Cable Testing / Earth Testing / Protection Relay Testing / Circuit Breaker Testing
Circuit Breaker Testing / HV Motor Testing / Busbar Bolted Connection Testing

The specific tests undertaken as a part of the testing services are:

Ground Grid Resistivity / Soil Resistivity / Secondary Injection / Primary Injection
Ductor Testing / Transformer Saturation / Hi Pot / VLF / Total Clearing Time
Current Transformer Linearity / Voltage Transformer Linearity

Electrical drafting and 3D modelling.

● Process Improvement
● Condition Monitoring
● Software and Document Change Management

From Initial Design Concept through to Commissioning Contract Management
and supervision of sub-contractors. Training at project completion.